Program Cancellations
Friday, January 30 2015
There are no program cancellations today!

Menomonee relies on donors like you to bridge the gap between the income we receive and the cost of the services we provide. Our program fees only cover 70% of the cost of every class. We count on you to help us fund scholarships, pay staff salaries, keep up our utilities and parking provisions, and so much more.

We are grateful for the continued support of our members and local community!

Here are three ways you can give to Menomonee:

  1. Annual Fund
  2. Program Sponsorship
  3. Special Events
Drucker Center 1535 N. Dayton Street Chicago, IL 60642 ph 312-664-4631
Clubhouse 244 W. Willow Chicago, IL 60614 ph 312-664-4515
Day School Center 800 W Buena Chicago, IL 60613 ph 312-664-4631
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