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Movie Nights

Movie Night!

Get away from the parents for an evening and hang at the Clubhouse as we watch an age-appropriate movie together!  Pizza, popcorn, and laughter included.  Movie night fun provided by Ms. Linda at the Clubhouse.

$15 (member) $30 (guest-non member)

Reservation required .
RSVP by 6pm, Thursday, to Linda at the Clubhouse! Email or call at 312-664-4631 x200.



7th      8y-9y      Meet The Robinsons      5:30-8:30pm

21st     10y-14y   BIG      5:30-9:00pm

28th    4y-5y     Disney’s The Rescuers     5:30-8:00pm



6th       6y-7y & 8y-9y     Meet the Robinsons     5:30-8:30pm

20th    8y-9y     The Descendants     5:30-8:30pm

27th     10y-14y   Jim Hanson’s Labyrinth     5:30-9:00pm



24th      4y-5y      Disney’s The Rescuers Down Under      5:30-8:00p



1st       6y-7y       Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective      5:30-8:00p

8th     8y-9y       Sky High        5:30-8:30p