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Revolution Taekwondo | Ages: 6-14

Revolution Taekwondo | Ages: 6-14   Register Online

Taekwondo at The Menomonee Club is an excellent introduction to the art of Taekwondo. New Students will establish a solid foundation in Taekwondo basics, and more experienced practitioners will improve on their already acquired skills.  While having fun, all children will build strength, confidence, focus, and discipline. The camp will focus on fundamental Taekwondo (basics, kicks, blocks, strikes, board breaking, forms, and sparring)!

Camp offered by our existing program provider Revolution TaeKwonDo and is led by our head master/coach Krasimir Rusev V Dan Black Belt.


Camp dates July 27-31, 2020


Ages 6-14.  All levels welcome.

Cost $260/$305  member/non-member

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