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Clubhouse Game Room

Our Game Room is located in our historic Clubhouse at 244 West Willow Street.

Menomonee Membership includes a unlimited visits to the Game Room. Join Linda Cole for supervised Game Room play and after-school snacks. Children enjoy playing new games, as well as old favorites like Pac Man and Ping Pong, all free of charge. Students at LaSalle Language Academy can use the Club’s Walking Service.

Clubhouse (Gameroom) Rules and Notes:

  1. Children may play in the Game Room between 2:30–6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, on any day they attend class at the Clubhouse or the Old Town Triangle Association.
  2. Members can use the Game Room every weekday.
  3. Members must sign in upon arrival with Clubhouse Supervisor Linda Cole. Linda reminds members to wipe their feet as they enter and to eat snacks in the designated snack area.
  4. Once children have signed in at the Clubhouse they cannot leave unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or staff member. The only exception to this rule is if written permission is on file from a parent or guardian.
  5. Behavior in the Game Room must be courteous and members must share all equipment.
  6. All members must be picked up from the Game Room no later than 6:00 pm. For classes ending after 6:00 pm members must be picked up promptly as class ends.
  7. When dropping off or picking up children, parents are asked to double park only on the east side of North Park Ave. (so that cars face north). Please do not block the crosswalks as they are for the safety of the children.
  8. Please do not leave your car unattended – either with children or a purse – when dropping off or picking up children. If parents have an emergency, it may be possible for a staff member to walk a child from the Clubhouse to your car. Simply call us!
  9. Excessive laughing and fun is advised.

Clubhouse Snacks

We welcome parent donations to help us feed the hungry after-schoolers! Call Linda Cole if you are interested in donating snacks. Please also be aware of frequent food allergies; attempt to donate “nut-free” snacks!

Guest Policy

The Clubhouse Game Room is organized for members only. However, if you wish to send a guest with your child, please call the Club ahead of time for approval. If space is available, each member can have up to three guest visits per year. There is a $10 guest fee for the use of the Game Room.

It is extremely difficult to authorize a guest for a scheduled class or event, but you may call the Club to see if there is space available. If approved, there will be a class or event fee plus the $10 guest fee. We would appreciate any emergency information you can provide, along with a signed release by the parent of the guest or member.