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Cooking – Home on the Range | Ages: 5-12 
Oh give me a home where the junior chefs roam and the taste of good cooking is near. Where often is heard an encouraging word as we make chow to eat with our peers. Home, home on the range, where the kids are the cooks for a change. Where we’ll gather our grub into small plastic tubs and carry it home to our range. Taught by Robin and Sarah Schroud.


Art – Color Explosion | Ages: 6 & Up 
This class is all about color, imagination and innovation. In this world we live in creativity is one of the most important skills. This class is all about the process and being creative in a group setting. We work with several mediums of paint such as acrylic, watercolor and oil. We also study famous artist and inventors as well as important techniques. The class is concentrated on building self-confidence, curiosity and wisdom. Each class we work on a different colorful creation, sculpture or invention. Taught by Aneliya Chalakova of Seventh Green Circle.