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In 1946, a new house would cost about $5,600 and an average salary was $2,500 per year.  Gas would cost you 15 cents per gallon and a new car cost $1,000.   The bikini was debuted, Tupperware was invented, and Chicagoans were listening to Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, and the Andrews Sisters on the radio.

That same year, a concerned group of neighbors had an idea for a place for their kids to hang out after school.  The Menomonee Club was envisioned and the rest is history.

For 70 years, we have improved the lives of children and their families from all over Chicago.   Today’s not-for-profit Menomonee Club spans three locations, serves over 3,500 kids a year from 140 schools and offers over 50 programs from nationally ranked sports teams to music lessons. We are an oasis for children of all ages and from neighborhoods all over the city, who come together to build friendships and learn skills that serve them throughout their school years and beyond!

As you may know, we rely on fundraising to meet the gap between income received and the operating costs of the Club. Your donation will help us continue to be an inclusive and vibrant community centered on high quality recreation and enrichment activities.  Donations also ensure that financial assistance is always available for those who cannot afford to participate.   Last year alone, we gave over $33,000 in financial assistance to our members. 

Your contribution truly enriches the lives of all who come here. It allows us to continue our work now, and helps to guarantee the next generation of Menomonee families will have the opportunity to learn, play and thrive.

Will you help us continue our mission? As always, your donation to the Annual Fund is fully tax-deductible.

We appreciate your support! Donate on-line NOW.

Or call Sara at 312-664-4631 ext 130. Checks can be written to Menomonee Club and mailed to 1535 N. Dayton Chicago, IL 60642.


We thank you!