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Financial Assistance

The Menomonee Club offers assistance for all programs based on financial need. The amount of financial assistance granted is determined by a calculation that includes your family’s annual income and the number of dependents in your household.

In order to receive assistance, we must have the following items on file:

  1. Financial Assistance Application (once per session).
  2. A copy of your most recent 1040 federal tax form (once per school year).

Please note, all forms must be received three weeks prior to the start of each program session to be considered. All forms must be COMPLETE; partially filled forms will not be accepted. The assistance application for the current session must be submitted by the posted deadline. All applications received after the deadline will be reviewed in the order they are received and there is no guarantee that funds will be available. All forms submitted will remain confidential.

Once we receive ALL forms, we will contact you about the amount of financial assistance we can give. If your application is late, your child cannot attend the class/activity until we process the application.

Your full amount due MUST be paid by the end of the current session/camp day/camp week. If the amount is not paid in full, you will not be eligible for further assistance.

You may register for multiple classes, but only two classes per child each session will be considered for assistance. Even with financial assistance, we will expect you to pay some amount. Funds may not be transferred from one child to another.

Attendance Expectations

Good attendance is expected for all activities. 
Poor attendance may disqualify families from future assistance. If you need to cancel a class for any reason, our Club refund policy applies. Note that even if you never attend a class, without proper cancellation you are responsible for the full amount due and will not be awarded future assistance until your balance is paid.

For additional information email Erica Greiner.