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Help us to continue to provide quality enrichment and recreation programs like we have for the past 71 years!

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The Menomonee Club for Boys & Girls is Chicago’s premier not-for-profit provider of quality sports & educational enrichment programs for children ages 18 months to 18 years of age. Established in 1946 we have been enriching children’s lives for over 75 years. Centrally located in 2 buildings, in the Lincoln Park and Old Town neighborhoods, we serve over 3,500 kids a year. An additional 2,500 families frequent our buildings for children’s birthday parties, special events, community activities, cultural programming, and tutoring making The Menomonee Club the perfect place to market your business. If you are interested in marketing to Chicago families with children – then look no further. We have an active database of over 7,500 Chicago families that attend over 180 Chicago schools.

Let us help you market your business and reach your target audience via our website, our e-newsletter, brochures, a lobby display, and through social media marketing – on our Menomonee Club Facebook and Instagram pages.

Please call Neal Bader at 312-664-4631, ext. 106, or email for more information.