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For nearly 75 years, we have taught Chicago families the value of play.  Your donation will help us continue our mission of providing quality recreation and enrichment activities in which children can “learn how to learn.”

This has been a year of learning for all of us. Students have learned to attend class virtually and celebrate birthdays in drive-by parades. Parents have learned to multi-task in ways that have stretched them beyond what they could’ve imagined. And your little neighborhood Club has adapted to the changes by re-inventing what recreation means in a non-contact, safe, and FUN way.

During the initial stay-at- home order, the staff at Menomonee was hard at work figuring out how to fulfill our mission in uncertain times. We were able to re-open on a limited basis by providing summer camps with strict capacity limits and guidelines. Our fencing teams were able to begin training in person again. A few of our renters and other classes were able to return. We loved hearing the lively sounds of music, bouncing basketballs, and laughter in our halls once again.

However, with the state’s newest mitigation efforts, Menomonee has had to close its doors once again.  The abrupt closures and strictly enforced limits to ensure everyone’s safety do change our financial model. With the loss of rentals and a dramatic decrease in program revenue, The Menomonee Club could use your help now more than ever.

Your donation will help us continue to be an inclusive and vibrant community!  Donations help us provide financial assistance for families who would otherwise be unable to afford our programming.   Last year we gave over $20,000 in financial assistance.  With your help, we would like to provide even more.

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