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Established in 1946, and still growing, The Menomonee Club has been improving urban life on Chicago’s north side for more than 70 years. What began as a safe haven where kids could come together to learn, play and have fun has grown into a community center, with two buildings located in Old Town and Lincoln Park, and providing more than 150 classes each season for kids of all ages – 18 months to 80! The Club’s experienced and caring staff as well as our partner programs guide a superb mix of recreational and social programs for kids in PreK through High School.

Additionally, the Club has formed lasting partnerships with other community organizations that provide fitness boot camps, private music lessons, world-class dance instruction, theater programs, educational enrichment programs and nationally ranked sports teams. The Menomonee Club membership comprises children from over 80 Chicago schools, enabling kids to stretch their friendships! The Menomonee Club is a special place—an oasis for families from varied neighborhoods and schools to come together to learn, laugh, play and build friendships in one for the world’s largest and most diverse cities.

The Club is not just for kids; it’s a family affair. Parents and friends join in to cheer on the teams, volunteer as scout leaders, participate on the Board and raise funds to keep costs down. The Club is led by Executive Director Neal Bader who brings years of experience in his field to the Club. The Club is a not-for-profit organization, operated by and for the community. Its operations and excellent programs are made possible by revenues from Club dues and fees, fundraising efforts and a portion of the Old Town Art Fair proceeds. The Board of the Club is composed of parents and concerned community leaders. The Club offers financial assistance for both membership dues as well as program fees.