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Neal Bader

Executive Director
312-664-4631 x 106

Neal has directed at The Menomonee Club since 1987, the same year his son Eli was born. He has a BA in Psychology from the University of Redlands, California where he played soccer all four years, and received an MA in Interpersonal Communications from Governors State University. When he’s not at Menomonee, Neal referees Varsity high school soccer. So, if you see someone in stripes, it might be him! Fun fact about Neal: he used to be a guitar/bass player and in a band called “Enemies Within!”

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Sara Bosaw

Administrative Director
312-664-4631 x 130


Sara began working in The Menomonee Club office in 2000. She is a Registered Nurse and received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from University of Illinois at Chicago. She formerly worked at Lurie Children’s Hospital in the Neurology and Neurosurgery departments.  Sara is a mom to four kids and an advocate for children in foster care.  She is shocked daily to find herself driving a minivan.

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Erica Greiner

Program Director
312-664-4631 x 131


Erica graduated from Valparaiso University with a BS in Sports Management and a minor in Business. She played Division 1 Softball for Valpo all four years. Erica has run 13 marathons and is a true sports nut! Erica has served as Program Director for The Menomonee Club since 1996. She has two pit bulls (Winnie & Hurley) and loves everything dog-related! When she’s not at Menomonee, Erica spends time with her 12 nieces and nephews (and canines, of course)!

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Linda Cole

Clubhouse Supervisor
312-664-4631 x200


Linda attended business classes at Loop City College for two years. Linda has been a part of Menomonee since 1991. She has devoted her life to the caring of children. She is the warm and friendly face behind all of the kids’ smiles at The Clubhouse, where you’ll find her. Fun-fact about Linda: she was a professional singer in the 1960’s and recorded an album called, “Linda & The Debonettes: First To Cry!”

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Sarah Schroud

Programs Administrator
312-664-4631 x 132

Sarah S

Sarah has a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design from The University of Colorado at Boulder and worked as an architectural drafter for two years. Sarah attended Menomonee programs since she was in the 1st grade! She teaches the cooking class with her Mom, Robin Schroud. In her spare time, Sarah practices stand-up comedy and is a yoga-fanatic!

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Geindember Gomez

Program Coordinator
312-664-4631 x 101


Gomez has been a basketball and soccer coach at Menomonee for the past five years and recently joined Menomonee full-time, as Program Coordinator. Gomez is a true Chicagoan, as he grew up on the north side of Chicago. From day one, he has had a passion for youth sports and can now combine his education and coaching skills to make a positive impact in children’s lives. When Gomez isn’t at Menomonee, he enjoys a good game of basketball!

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Kim Cole

Clubhouse Assistant

312-664-4631 x201

Kim attended The University of Illinois in the field of Psychology. In school, she played sports such as basketball and softball. Kim has been a part of The Menomonee Club since the 1990’s where she also coached many sports programs. You can find Kim at The Clubhouse where she works alongside her Mom, Linda Cole. Kim has four kids, who have also all gone through, and continue to go through, Menomonee programs themselves!

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Kelly Combs

Program Staff


Kelly is a graduate of the theatre program at USC and has been working at Menomonee for two years while simultaneously pursuing a career in acting and comedy. She is from Seattle originally, but has found a wonderful home in Chicago – despite the frigid winters. When not at the front desk, she can be found at Second City, cuddling with her two kittens, or performing some killer karaoke!

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