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Room Rentals

The Menomonee Club rents rooms in each facility. We can help you with referral companies for other aspects of your party from catering to table rentals. Please call Neal Bader at 312-664-4631, ext. 106, or email for more information and to reserve your rental.

Drucker Center Rentals

The Drucker Center offers full-size gyms, a multi-purpose recreational room, dance studios and a kitchen! All great places for fun-filled events… birthdays, graduations, sports team parties, even a surprise 40th! Raw space may be rented for any event you can dream up. A $200* fee includes two rooms or one gym plus the viewing deck for two hours. You can also rent individual rooms at the Drucker Center. Our Drucker Center Floor Plan shows each room in the facility.

Menomonee Clubhouse Rental

The $300 facility fee includes full use of the building for a two-hour time slot plus 30 minutes set up and 30 minutes break down– with kitchen, wide-screen video projection system and games. There is a Menomonee Club staff member on site for all rentals to address any concerns or questions with the facility. The Clubhouse Floor Plan shows our original Clubhouse in Old Town.

*prices subject to change