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Amos Gillespie

Music Teacher Amos is a saxophonist. He received a Bachelor’s in Saxophone Performance at Northern Arizona University and a Master’s in Composition at The Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. He has been heard at various festivals around the world, as well as on many radio stations in Chicago, including PBS. His music […]

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Aneliya Chalakova

Art Teacher Aneliya studied Fine Arts in Bulgaria and Communication Design at Harrington College of Design in Chicago. Aneliya is conceptual thinker and has been teaching creative classes for more than five years. Aneliya teaches art classes for ages 3-15 and is the founder of a small creative company called Seventh Green Circle. She also […]

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Rebecca Prescott

Music Instructor Chicago-based actress, Rebecca Prescott, was born and raised a rancher’s daughter in South Central Idaho. However, at a very young age, she realized she was a much better actress than a rancher. She attended Boise State University with two degrees, one in acting, and one in singing. She earned a Master’s degree at […]

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Robin Schroud

Cooking Teacher Robin graduated with a degree in special education and elementary education from U of I, and received an MBA at Loyola. When she’s not working as a cooking teacher, Robin works at a non-profit called Aspire, that supports kids with special needs. Back in 1991, Robin was a Girl Scout troop leader at […]

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JB Schuck

Founder/Instructor for RetroActive Sports Originally from a small town in Indiana, JB’s earliest memory was making his father proud by dribbling a basketball while tying his shoe. After graduating from Wittenberg University with a degree in Psychology, JB was captain of the five-time champion, intergalactic all-world dodgeball team. JB began working at Menomonee in 1999 […]

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Tzanko Hantov

Windy City Fencing He is a graduate of the National Sports Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria. Tsanko Hantov competed in the 2000 Olympic Games and won a Bronze Medal at the 2001 World Championships in the Modern Pentathalon. Tsanko was National Senior Champion in 1998 and National Junior Champion in 1995 and 1996 in Men’s Epee […]

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Brett Wolf

Judo Sensei Brett Wolf has been with The Menomonee Club since 1993. He is a 4th degree black belt and certified through Kodokan in Japan. He is an international level coach, as well coach to USA Judo’s Junior Pan American Team for the past three years. He teaches judo to kids ages 3-18. Brett is […]

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