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Program Cancellations
Sunday, March 29 2015
February 2, 2015: The Drucker Center and Clubhouse buildings are open today as usual. Individual instructors may not be able to make it in to teach classes, but we will do our best to keep you informed.

A huge THANK YOU to our 2011/2012 donors!
Menomonee gratefully acknowledges all gifts
from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012

Menomonee would like to thank our longstanding partner, the Old Town Triangle Association, for its continued generosity for many years.  We are thrilled to again partner with the Old Town Art Fair in 2013!  

Program Sponsors
Alumni Flag Football League
Anne Rossley Real Estate
Best Portion Foundation
Chicago Lakeshore Hospital
Chicago Sport & Social Club
Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty
Jones Lang LaSalle Americas
Kies Consulting
KwikTrading, LLC
McNabola Law Group
Menomonee Club Board of Directors
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Park West Family Physicians
Pump It Up
RoundKeep Capital Advisors
Salvatore’s Ristorante
Sully’s House
Sunday Basketball Group
Supera Family Foundation
Venture Crew 29

Giant Gym Night 2011 VIP Sponsors
The Andresen Family
The Bader Family
The Demirjian Family
Mara Georges and Michael Mutz
The Higginbottom Family
The LaVia Family
Andrew MacRae and Victoria Rexer
New York City Bagel Deli
The Sandner Family
Salvatore’s Ristorante
Venture Crew 29 and Teri Ross/Jacob Klein
The J. Ward Family

$5,000 and up
Paula and James Crown
Jones Lang LaSalle Americas
Old Town Triangle Association

$1,000 - $4,999
Helen and Michael Arkes
MJ and Michael Arons
The Bader Family
John and Jacolyn Bucksbaum, in honor of Menomonee Coaches & Staff
Joan and Michael Crouch
Cub Scout Pack 3079
Alan Eaks
Donald and Anne Edwards
Timothy Friedman/Reynolds Family Foundation
Michael Gallagher
Dana and David Galowich
Guggenheim Partners
Curt and Margaret Hartig
Craig Henderson /Henderson & Associates
Sherife Jusufi
Beth and Bill Kies
Jonathon Kovler
Victoria Rexer and Andrew MacRae
The McNabola Family
Jennifer and David Rhind
Teri Ross and Michael Klein
Tom and Anne Rossley
Gail Waller and Tim Schwertfeger
Colleen Murphy and Ervin Shindell
Supera Family Foundation
The Taylor Family
Miller and Byron Vance
John and Mary Willis

Teri and Matt Andresen
Tiffany and James Bland/ Global Energy
Dominic and Sheryl Curcio
Suzanne and Charles Demirjian
Lisa and Geoffrey Dybas
JoAnn and Marshall Eisenberg
Fraser Construction
Philip M. Friedmann Family
Sherife Jusufi
Teri Ross and Michael Klein
The LaVia Family
The William Lenga Family
Mara Georges and Michael Mutz
Jyoti Patel and Raj Garapati
Brandi Sandner
Sarah and Steve Stratton
Lisa and Charles Tribbett
Meredith Bluhm-Wolf and William Wolf

Susan Conger-Austin and Jim Austin
Peter and Carolyn Barrett
Reven Uihlein-Fellars and Reed Fellars
Brent and Kate Gledhill
The Higginbottom Family
Mark Hoffmeister
Fred and Sandra Holubow
Soledad Deandra and Joseph Kovera
Anna and Richard Marks
Lawrence Marschalk
Mary Clair and Kenneth Moll Family
Lori Pedelty/ Pedelty Enterprises
Beth and William Ruhrkraut
JoAnne and Ralph Rydholm
The Shrake Family
Kevin Toukoumidis/DSpace Studio
The J. Ward Family

Gifts up to $250
Anonymous (2)
Licia Leslie and Scott Adams
Colette Kelsey and Douglas Anderson
The Arnow Family
Lisa and David Aronson
Stephanie Ross and Philip Auerbach
Away We Play
Abhay Bapat and Rupal Dalal Bapat, in honor of Emerson Tiller
Judy Wise and Sheldon Baskin
Stephanie and Barry Batson
The Belko Family
Paige and Gabriel Ben-Dashan in honor of Bonnie Bader-Drucker
Ellen and George Benson
Jane and Kevin Berg
Paula and Michael Berkery
Patricia and Peter Besser
The Biddle Family
Yarina and Phil Birnbaum
Larry Blankstein
Sara Bosaw
Cheryl and Marshall Brown
The Broyles-Woods Family
Beth and Brad Burk
Alice and John Burke
Sheila Badri and Jose Cancelo
Diane and Daniel Cannon
The Chaudri Family
Linda and Jim Cherney
Alicia and Norm Cherrett
Jack Chesler
Jeanne and John Cipollini
The Claunch Family
Carol and Michael Collins
Elizabeth and James Compton
The Coston Family
Colleen and Alexander Coxe
Sally Reynolds and Karl Cremieux
Odile David
Fern Bomchill Davis
Emily and Eric Davis
Carolynn Fisher and Kristian Desch
The Dimm Harboe Family
Andrew Doliff, in honor of Bonnie Bader-Drucker
Melissa and Jim Donath
The Downing Family
Elvy Leake Draft
Danielle Dunlap
Marianne Dwyer, in honor of Barney Friedman
Joe and Nancy Dwyer
Deborah and Scott Early
Laura and David Eikenmeyer
Patrick Elgraby
Dr. Erica Engelstein
The Foster Walsh Family
Grace Tsao-Wu and Craig Freedman
The Friedman Family
Ronald and Linda Galowich
Vlad and Dora Gastevich
Charlie and Mary Gofen
Jeanette Lewis and Howard Goldblatt
Scott, Jon, Patti, and Gerry Golden
Lee Golub
Dan Gomberg
Shelly Gomberg
Eddie Gordon
Janet and Philip Graff
Andrea and Stuart Grass
Mara Greenberg
Jean and Lewis Greenblatt
Joyce and Russell Greenblatt
Senait Mussie-Hadgu and Dawit Hadgu
Hollis and Mark Hanover
The Harrold Family
The Holleb Family
Stacey and Harry Huzenis
Elizabeth Raymond and Paul Hybel
The Jandali Family
Joan and Tony Janowski
Nadia and Kevin Jelinek
Lynn and Kunal Jerath
Heidi and Craig Johnson
Melissa Thodos-Johnston and Douglas Johnston
Trish and Rick Juarez, Evan and Tara
Stacy and James Kammert
Dara Altshuler and Robert A. Kaplan
Tripti and Brian Kasal
The Kass Family
The Kelsey Family
Erin and Chris Keogh
Windy Bloom and Art Kessler
Aarti and Nitin Khanna
Phillip Kidder
The Kins Family
Enrica and Andy Kurkulis
Kerstin Stenson and Brandon Latherow
Gaile and Tom Leahy
John Lederle
Michael and Andrea Leon
The Lesak Family
Jill and John Levi
Jeannette and Steven Levitt
Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School
Susan Tiritilli and Mark Lind
The Madorsky Family
Montaya and Chris Malaisrie
The Manilow Family
Nicole and Bradley Mann
The Margulis Family
Shirley and Stephen Martin
The Meagher Family
Scott Miles
Ms. Frankie Brown
Marjorie Miller-Brownstein
Adelina and Mark Markarian
Lisa Gregg Mitchell and Randy Mitchell
The Mullen Family
The Murphy Family
Joanne Nemerovski
The Newhall Family
NYSE Euronext Foundation
Michele Del Signore and Stefan Noe
Susan Touhy and Michael O’Rourke
Molly Page
Cindy Fluxgold and Terry Peigh
The Phillips Family
Karen Pierce
The Rich Family
The Rietz Family
The Roesch Family
The Ryan Family
Marcia Sabesin, in honor of Zoey and Talia Zeiger
Elizabeth and Howard Samuels
The Sarne Family
The Sasaki Family
Matthew and Erika Schechter
Lauren and Steven Scheibe, in honor of MJ Arons
Robin Schroud
Liz and Jeff Sharp
The Sharpe Family
Mary and Richard Shaughnessy
Steve and Mimi Sherman
Jean and Gary Sinclair
Peter Skosey
Michael Smith and Cynthia Ballew
The Steib Family
Cia and Tom Souleles
Irving Stenn
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Stineman
Emily Heisley Stoeckel and Kevin Stoeckel
Anne and Howard Stolar
Jessica and John Supera
Eileen and Robert Stein
Arlene and Scott Szykowny
Jill Sheiman and Aaron Tantleff
Max and Susan Tomilo
The Tur-Kaspa Family
The Uzdavinis Family
Michael Walton
The Waterfield Family
Mila Wolf and family
Jennifer and Christopher Wellman
Rachel and Daniel Widawsky
The Wiley Family
Jack Wildermuth
The Wylie Group
Nina and Milton Zale
Michael and Marcy Zoller
The Wager-Yonan Family
Bob Zofkie

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