Program Cancellations
Saturday, March 28 2015
February 2, 2015: The Drucker Center and Clubhouse buildings are open today as usual. Individual instructors may not be able to make it in to teach classes, but we will do our best to keep you informed.
Menomonee Annual Membership
Dues are valid for one calendar year.
$80 individual/ $140 family
All membership fees are valid for one calendar year (12 months) from the time you register. It is important that our office has a current record of all information. Health information, addresses, cell phones, blue jean styles…things are always changing! With a membership, participant(s) receive $45 off every class they register for ($25 off Holiday programs). Members are also entitled to one Gameroom day per week. The Gameroom is at The Clubhouse and is open to members in grades JK through 6 every Monday-Friday 2:30-6:00.
Ways to Register 
Registration begins when the brochure is mailed and is first-come-first-served. You can register online or fill out the registration form and drop off, mail or fax it. If registering by fax, please call to confirm the fax was received. Please fill out the Family Information Form and submit it with your annual dues:
2. Drop-off in person at Drucker Center:
    1535 N. Dayton St.
3. Fax the form to: 
4. Mail the form to:
    1535 N. Dayton St. 
    Chicago, IL 60642
Paperwork Required for New Members
Each year, we require new members to submit the Family Information Form. If signing up for programs, the season Activity Registration must also be completed in full. Membership dues are paid once per year. 
Paperwork for Non-Member Participants
The Menomonee Club offers the option of participating in most of our programs as a non-member. Although not joining, we still require all non-member participants to complete the Family Information Form for our files. It contains important health and emergency information. (Submit without dues.)
Drucker Center 1535 N. Dayton Street Chicago, IL 60642 ph 312-664-4631
Clubhouse 244 W. Willow Chicago, IL 60614 ph 312-664-4515
Day School Center 800 W Buena Chicago, IL 60613 ph 312-664-4631
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