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Summer Camps – LEGO Camps


Unplugged Gaming with LEGO® | Ages: 5-6 – Register Online
Level up your LEGO® Engineering skills in this arcade-inspired experience. Our Play-Well instructors are here to help make your favorite video game adventures a reality. Using LEGO®, we can build go-karts to race Mario, blast asteroids with Star Fox, build neighborhoods with your favorite friends from Animal Crossing, and join Link to restore peace to Hyrule. All the fun of an arcade adventure with no screen necessary!

June 27-July 1, 2022
Ages: 5-6
Member/Non-Member: $205/$250
Location: Drucker Center


Next Level Gaming with LEGO® | Ages: 7-11 – Register Online
Ready to take your LEGO® Engineering skills to the next level? Give the controller a rest and put your skills to the test by Barrel Blasting with Donkey Kong, Flinging Fireballs with Mario, and battling foes with Kirby. Under the guidance of a Play-Well instructor, you will gear up to take down the final boss. Are you game?

June 27- July 1
Ages: 7-11
Member/Non-Member: $205/$250
Location: Drucker Center